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Bounce the ball using your paddle towards the other player's goal line, and protect your own. Occasionally, the play-field may "warp" to attempt to crack your concentration. If the ball enters your goal line, you lose a life. First to zero lives loses; see who stands the longest!


  • Single player versus an AI player
  • Two players versus


  • Keyboard (up to two players)
  • Controller (one player per controller)

Control inputs may be mixed and matched (eg. One player may be using the keyboard while another uses a controller). Instructions in-game.

Developer's Note

This game is more of an experiment than anything. Most 2D games don't use 3D camera movement (because, well, they're in 2D), nor do they use shaders very often. This game was an excuse to try out those areas of game development. The prototype stage wasn't promising, but since this was just a project and not a commercial release I proceeded with development. The fact that this is a project and not a commercial release is why there is a lack of music and art coherency. For those wondering, this game was developed using MonoGame (my first time with using MonoGame, and I am coming out of it with mixed feelings).

Known Bugs

  • macOS: The mouse "y" position may be off if the game window is on a monitor other than the primary monitor, and that monitor has been repositioned in macOS's settings. This issue is resolved if the app is opened in "low-res" mode, which I have forced the app to open with. However, on my machine, running macOS 10.12, the "low-res" flag is ignored. The open issue on GitHub.
  • macOS (and possibly Windows): Mouse clicking may require longer-than-usual clicks. This is caused by the mouse clicking faster than the game updates, and so the game misses the click altogether. From my experiments this only affects macOS, although I see no reason why this can't happen while using Windows.
Source Code

Super Ping Pong is now open source under the GPL3 license: https://github.com/pjrader1/SuperPong

Current Version is 1.0


super-ping-pong-osx.zip 6 MB
Version 1 Jul 12, 2017
super-ping-pong-windows.zip 3 MB

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